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set free

Photo Courtesy Of Gesina Smith.

To be set free of the burdens of the mind and heaviness of the heart is a feeling everyone should experience often. Now more than ever I’ve been realizing the importance of self expression and allowing myself to feel things thoroughly versus cutting my energies short in attempt to avoid feeling negativity in the future. As I touch pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) I can physically feel a weight being lifted. When I make the necessary time to practice self reiki, meditate, and enjoy the beauty around me my sanity is kept and  I am at ease.

There are things inside of us that need releasing—thoughts, emotions, feelings.

The process of release can be frightening but necessary none the less. There’s no need to keep it all in. We are meant to express ourselves, allow our thoughts, energies and emotions to flow freely. Instead we bottle it all up, tucking the negative neatly away in the pockets of our heart  where it becomes stuck. Until it begins to slightly probe at us aching for our attention; aching to be let loose. It is when we let things become lodged and stagnant that we start to feel discomfort which can show up as anxiety, depression, and fear.

Call up a friend, go for a walk, meditate, journal until your hearts content,  create something. Whatever resonates with you use that as an outlet. Without an outlet you are left carrying around old baggage that will only continue to grow heavier. There is no right or wrong way to do this only a feeling of lightness to be achieved that is patiently waiting on the other side of it all.  Uncover hidden passions, forgive yourself for mistakes of the past and begin a compassion fueled journey to self appreciation.

Allow yourself to move forward and ride along with the gripping waves of life. Set down the heavy baggage. What’s done is done; feel it, embrace it,  and be set free.



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