Returning To Wisconsin

Bangkok Sunset

As I write this I’ve been back home for 2 full days after 13 months of living abroad and traveling. I can only assume the next week or so will bring on a whirlwind of emotions as I settle back into the rhythm of Wisconsin and recount the details of my past year’s adventures to…
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When Life Feels Too Big

Photo Courtesy Of  Max Lyons.

This is an excerpt from my journal from September 3rd, 2014. It’s an attempt to experiment with the types of things I post to my blog and to find different ways to share my experiences in an honest way.  Sometimes life feels too big and today is one of those days. It’s a strange feeling….
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On Not Knowing What The Future Holds

let go

It seems every few days the topic of conversation turns  into something like, “So, where are you headed next? What’s the plan?”.  I would never consider myself a highly organized person or someone with an incessant need to plan every small detail of the future, but usually I have at least a drafted answer to…
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Personal Transformation Through Travel

Road To Transformation

This post was originally written for and published on Epicure & Culture. Travel allows us to get in touch with different sides of ourselves that, for better or for worse, may not show themselves as we go about our usual daily routines. As we become immersed in new cultural experiences and have a personal transformation…
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Intuition And Travel Plans

Buddha Statue

I talk a lot about intuition and how it plays such a powerful role in the way I live my life. I’ve always been a person ruled by feeling, and emotion, and most of my decisions are made by gut instincts vs logical reasoning. If something doesn’t feel right to me it’s almost as if…
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Take A Little Time

We rush to meet deadlines, to make it on time to school and work. We rush through meals so we can get on to our next activity. Conversations with loved ones are hurried along or simply forgotten to be had because we “can’t find the time”. It’s a constant search for the next best thing…
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Vulnerability Is Not A Weakness

Vulnerability is an inevitable part of our human existence. The raw flood of emotion coursing through your veins as the walls you thought were so sturdily built come crumbling down. How did this happen? How did you find yourself in this position? You trusted, your heart became softened, it all felt so right. Only to be…
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Reflections On 6 Months Living and Traveling Abroad

It’s officially been six months since I boarded the plane in Chicago’s O’hare Airport to Melbourne, Australia. A mixture of disbelief (that it’s gone so fast) and restlessness (where to next) rush about when I take a second to really let that sink in. As much courage as it initially took to make my journey…
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Be Set Free

To be set free of the burdens of the mind and heaviness of the heart is a feeling everyone should experience often. Now more than ever I’ve been realizing the importance of self expression and allowing myself to feel things thoroughly versus cutting my energies short in attempt to avoid feeling negativity in the future….
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More Professions Of Love To The Ocean

It’s colder out today. I’m reminded of how calm I feel sitting next to the ocean and watch as the waves crash a little more intensely than usual. The beach is empty of those who only come for the sun—today is grey. Some might call it glum but I’m feeling content and in tune. I…
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