Delayed Gratification And Success

delayed gratification - mariana ruiz writing

I’ll admit it, I’m guilty of pursuing instant gratification in most areas of life. Call me a woman of her generation or maybe I’m just human. Doing so has manifested into ill-fit relationships, choosing pizza over a home cooked, healthy meal (again) and taking the safe job instead of pursuing my own endeavors. Up until recently,…
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Dusting Off The Cobwebs

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  It’s been quiet around here. All my writing has been hoarded in a collection of tattered notebooks and journals as I feared anything I wrote wasn’t worth sharing with the world. Who knows, maybe it isn’t, but I’ve decided that I don’t really care. I miss the feeling I had weaving words together for…
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Setting Boundaries In Relationships

Setting Boundaries

  “I want the whole cake. That’s right, I want the whole damn thing. I’m tired of the crumbs and can no longer only allow myself to take small bites.  So why is it that I keep gladly accepting the stale slices of love and affection when I know I deserve more? Obviously this really…
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Accepting Self-Love

  “Talk to yourself like you would someone you love.” – Brené Brown It can be easy to give to others, to offer a kind word or thoughtful encouragement. A lot of us wouldn’t think twice to help a friend out in need or show them gratitude. The challenge however, can be giving that warm…
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Intuition And Travel Plans

Buddha Statue

I talk a lot about intuition and how it plays such a powerful role in the way I live my life. I’ve always been a person ruled by feeling, and emotion, and most of my decisions are made by gut instincts vs logical reasoning. If something doesn’t feel right to me it’s almost as if…
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