Delayed Gratification And Success

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I’ll admit it, I’m guilty of pursuing instant gratification in most areas of life. Call me a woman of her generation or maybe I’m just human. Doing so has manifested into ill-fit relationships, choosing pizza over a home cooked, healthy meal (again) and taking the safe job instead of pursuing my own endeavors.

Up until recently, I also chose instant gratification over mustering up the courage to put in the real work and commitment it took to show up and give my copywriting business a serious shot. Working full-time meant I would need to sacrifice the minimal free time and ‘extra’ energy into finding clients, learning, implementing and ultimately growing. Even though I knew that if I made those sacrifices the end result would be worth it the idea was still met with resistance. The pull of lounging around after work watching Netflix, grabbing a bite to eat  or whatever felt good in the moment, was seemingly too strong. Finally (after a bit of a ‘where the hell am I headed in life?! period) there came a point where I realized I needed to consciously choose delayed gratification if I ever wanted to achieve the lifestyle I’d spent so much time thinking about.

This post wasn’t originally meant to be a synopsis of the last 6 months of my life but I think it paints a pretty decent picture of what I’m trying to say. Which is that even if where you’re at now is not exactly where you want to be, taking the small incremental steps and making the sacrifices necessary will make a difference in the end. Success may not be achievable quickly but taking your time during the process can often times be so much more fulfilling than a quick fix.

As for me, there’s still a long ways to go.  Things aren’t happening over night and there are definitely times I feel restless but I see success happening slowly. I’ve built a small roster of clients I enjoy working with that have kept me busy in the after hours and during the weekend.  I’ve also decided to start investing in myself by working with a copywriting coach and business mentor to step up my skills.  Most importantly I’ve started to show up for myself and my business.

With that I want you to ask yourself if there’s anything you’ve been putting off and instead choosing an instant dose of happiness or success?

If you found the courage to dedicate yourself to the long term success of whatever that may be, how could your life be different?

Sometimes choosing to delay pleasure in the now for an even greater pleasure in the future is the key to success we’ve been missing.

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3 thoughts on “Delayed Gratification And Success

  1. This right here.

    “Up until recently, I also chose instant gratification over mustering up the courage to put in the real work and commitment it took to show up and give my copywriting business a serious shot.”

    I often pick Netflix over doing any of my creative writing. Good for you for working to delay gratification. I hadn’t thought of it like that but that is exactly what I want to do.

    • Damn, Netflix! If you haven’t already you should check out “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. He talks about our inner resistance to creative pursuits, how it shows up in sneaky ways and how to break down the barriers we create for ourselves. This post was inspired by that book. 🙂

  2. Hey Mariana,

    I have a hard time with delayed gratification too, but it also pushes me.

    I’m in so a rush that I actually do continue to produce and stay productive. Glad to hear your copywriting business is ramping up, and I’m sure investing in yourself is going to pa huge dividends.

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