Fear Almost Killed My Writing Practice..Again

Fear and Writing

Photo by Bianca Moraes. I could say that life’s gotten in the way of my writing practice, but really it hasn’t. I’ve gotten in the way. Somewhere over the course of the past two years I started retreating into a shell of fear and doubt again. Too scared of what people would think of my writing (because…
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Personal Transformation Through Travel

Road To Transformation

This post was originally written for and published on Epicure & Culture. Travel allows us to get in touch with different sides of ourselves that, for better or for worse, may not show themselves as we go about our usual daily routines. As we become immersed in new cultural experiences and have a personal transformation…
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Why It’s Taken Me So Long To Start Blogging

OK, I’ll admit it, I’ve been too scared to blog. It sounds quite silly now after writing that, but it’s true. Just as there once was a time when I thought I could never possibly write professionally, that same element of fear has held me back from blogging. Even though I’ve read countless articles about…
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