Setting Boundaries In Relationships

Setting Boundaries

  “I want the whole cake. That’s right, I want the whole damn thing. I’m tired of the crumbs and can no longer only allow myself to take small bites.  So why is it that I keep gladly accepting the stale slices of love and affection when I know I deserve more? Obviously this really…
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2014: Learning To Embrace My Shadow Self

shadow self

  Being the Cancerian that I am, I’m all about reflection and 2014 was quite the year in hindsight. It was a year that stretched my soul; it was uncomfortable, I grew a tremendous amount and had some life changing international adventures. In the beginning of the year I remember talking to a friend about…
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Take A Little Time

We rush to meet deadlines, to make it on time to school and work. We rush through meals so we can get on to our next activity. Conversations with loved ones are hurried along or simply forgotten to be had because we “can’t find the time”. It’s a constant search for the next best thing…
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Reflections On 6 Months Living and Traveling Abroad

It’s officially been six months since I boarded the plane in Chicago’s O’hare Airport to Melbourne, Australia. A mixture of disbelief (that it’s gone so fast) and restlessness (where to next) rush about when I take a second to really let that sink in. As much courage as it initially took to make my journey…
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Trading Love For Solitude

This post originally appeared on elephant journal. “The hard part, the place where we hope wisdom will find us, is in deciding where and when we must break a promise to be true to ourselves.” ~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer The quote, an excerpt from the book, The Invitation, rang bells of truth throughout me. I’d…
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