Take A Little Time

We rush to meet deadlines, to make it on time to school and work. We rush through meals so we can get on to our next activity. Conversations with loved ones are hurried along or simply forgotten to be had because we “can’t find the time”. It’s a constant search for the next best thing as we strive to meet the next milestone in life. But what about the now?

Too often as  I feel myself drift softly into silence my mind perks up forbidding me from fully indulging into a moment of peace and in float the thoughts of what “I should be doing”. I should be writing, looking for more clients, working out, tackling that nonsense task on my to-do list that has somehow become urgent or doing something more “exciting”.  Anything but settling into my feeling of ease.

Tamarama Beach Sunset

Why is it so hard to let go and take each moment as it presents itself? Why must we always want more when we can barely accept the now?

Of course, it’s important to look to the future. Working towards something gives us a sense of accomplishment and bettering ourselves is a crucial part of leading a fulfilling life. But on the other hand what good is it to tirelessly work towards something if we don’t take the proper time to enjoy the time spent on the journey to achieve it?

When is enough, enough? When is acceptable to step away for a moment and figure it out later?

If I was making more money would my life be more satisfying? Would it all be easier if I was at that next step in life already? If only I had ‘fill in the blank’ things would be complete, right? Probably not.

At times I feel trapped in a state of paralyzation. Unsure whether to move  forward faster or slow down. Time flies and if today were to be my last day would it really matter if I got that extra time in of whatever felt so urgent in my mind?

I’m learning sometimes ‘nothing’ is OK. In fact, that may be all we need to do when we feel like we’re not doing enough—nothing at all. Instead maybe its best to press the pause button on life and regenerate ourselves so that when we are ready to ‘do’ again we can  with vigor.

So maybe instead of asking ourselves if we’re doing enough we should stop and appreciate what we have already done as its brought us this far. Maybe its time to enjoy our time for what it is  until the next moment is ready to present itself to us.

The Rocks Tamarama Beach

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