What People Are Saying:


“Mariana is an absolute delight to work with.  Her skill level and attention to detail is very impressive and if she isn’t completely sure how to do something, she has a positive attitude and drive to figure it out.  With how very busy I am at the moment, she has been able to take over the Medical Society’s Pre-Med Mentor Program and manage some Board communications. I have no reservations about giving her additional responsibilities within her scope of work. ”

– Kathy Schmitz, The Medical Society Of Milwaukee

“Mariana was so great, very responsive, and very helpful in getting our project completed. We’re thrilled to have met and worked with her!”

– Kalee Sorey, Sorey Fitness

“Great work; exactly what we needed!”

– Jake Kaufman,  Adept Marketing

“You’ve got the ability to put feelings into words in a way that is 100% straight to the point. Gives me goosebumps”

– Laura Mai, Blog Reader

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