Why It’s Taken Me So Long To Start Blogging

OK, I’ll admit it, I’ve been too scared to blog. It sounds quite silly now after writing that, but it’s true. Just as there once was a time when I thought I could never possibly write professionally, that same element of fear has held me back from blogging. Even though I’ve read countless articles about the benefits, have been advised that it can do wonders in regards to  showcasing my writing abilities, and best of all help to market my business, I was still a deer in headlights when it came to publishing a single post. That is until now.

As mentioned, I never thought writing would be anything more than a mere hobby for me. Now here I sit day after day devouring as much information as I can about the craft , drafting business and marketing plans for the months to come, and gaining momentum like never before.  You see, these past 6 months have really been an eye opener to the kinds of things I can achieve when I really put my mind to work. No, I am not making six figures a year (at least not yet) and I have yet to see my name in the byline for a big name publisher, but something better than that has happened; I have finally recognized the potential within myself.

At this point you may be wondering what in the hell any of this has to do with  finally starting this blog. A lot actually, because with this realization I’ve come to the conclusion that if I want to continue down this path I need to keep moving forward. I’ve spent too much time being bogged down by the “what if’s” (as in what if no one cares about any of the things I write) and didn’t  think I really had anything that interesting to say. To sum it up,  I’ve been getting in the way of my own success by creating a negative outcome to something I hadn’t even started doing. By taking a step back and recognizing the small successes I’ve accomplished so far (such as securing my first client and creating this website) I have realized that there is so much more potential just waiting to burst within me. Before recognizing this though,  I just wasn’t ready mentally or professionally to start on this journey.

So here you have it, my leap of faith, blog post number one. It may not change your life or inform you of anything all that important, but to me it is one huge step in the right direction. I hope to use this as a platform to tap into a deeper level of my writing talents and connect with clients and colleagues alike who share my same vision and passion. It may be a bumpy ride as I adjust to things but I hope you enjoy it all none the less.

Cheers to overcoming silly fears, challenging yourself, and moving forward!



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